Watches For Men

Putting the finishing touches to your look, for any man who cares about style and fashion means wearing the perfect watch. Your watch can say more about you, your lifestyle and your passions than any other fashion accessory. For the gentleman who wants to project an image of timeless sophistication then a classic watch is the perfect fit.

A casual kind of guy needs a watch that works from dawn until dusk

Looking cool and sporty in your ath-leisure wear or sharp and chic in a tailored suit, a timepiece from Ryan & Gilbert’s watches for men collection will complement your laid-back look whilst blending effortlessly into a more sophisticated environment just when you need it most.

Dining at an elegant restaurant or simply hanging out with the guys, our collection features a temptingly irresistible range of luxury watches.  Match your mood with your watch. Come over all calm and collected with our classic wrist-wear or add a dash of flamboyance and drama with our changeable NATO straps – so much choice in colour and design you just won’t know which one to wear!

Cool watches for men

So you’re a couple. The perfect pair. Well matched and in love. What better reflection of your undisputed affection than watches that work together symbolic of you and your love. Take time out from your own man hunt for the perfect watch and browse the Ryan & Gilbert watches for men and women collections to seek out the symmetry of a pair of beautiful and elegant watches.

Finding your favourite affordable luxury watch design is one of the most pleasurable ways to spend your leisure time. Match the alligator leather strap with our Knightsbridge watch face or the blend the gold and rose gold of Belgravia in his n her’s style.

Workplace Wrist Watches

Let your watch showcase you mean business, whether at the office, in the boardroom or on your daily commute.  Check the time, slowly draw back the sleeve of your suit to reveal you are a man to be reckoned with.

Browse the watches for men collection and see which of the stunning collection leaps out at you as the perfect watch to wear for work. Something that is all about you. Keep it simple and stylish with our Knightsbridge collection or go for a more edgier take on classic wrist dressing with the NATO Belgravia.

Interchange your watch wardrobe to meet the moment.  Glistening gold and steely silver to show your “stand no messing” side, elegantly classic leather in tan or alligator for the look of the composed gentleman. Manage your time pieces to work in with the day ahead to move seamlessly from the office to after work social time.

Best Man, Best Watch - Watches for those special occasions

Give the gift of love through a beautiful wristwatch that will last a lifetime. You are about to tie the knot, you want to mark the occasion with a wedding day gift to your best man and groomsmen. You know their style, you’ve got their vibe, match this with men’s watches from the Ryan & Gilbert Westminster collection and like you, they will never forget this special day. A gift that lasts a lifetime.

What better gift for your loved one than a luxurious wristwatch that will last a lifetime.

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