It began with a journey. Crossing continents, travelling through time zones, I was chasing my dream to see the world. There was no going back.

I travel light, a few clothes thrown into a rucksack, my passport tucked safely in my pocket, and on my wrist the cherished timepiece that means I only have to glance at its familiar face to be instantly transported back to home and all of the things I cherish in my life. My first “proper” watch, given to me by my grandad Gilbert. Engraved on the back: “Make the Most of your Time.”

The watch has travelled well with me on my big adventure. It became symbolic of my changing outlook, never wasting a moment, living in the present, making the most of my time.

And that’s when I knew. Fuelled by a passion for travel, a love of beautiful things and a burning desire to create a successful, global business, my grandad Gilbert’s timepiece had shown me the way.

Now I can share my long-standing love affair with fine watches through my own company, Ryan & Gilbert watches. A brand dreamt of as I travelled the world but created in London, England.

I hope you enjoy my exquisitely crafted timepieces, blending contemporary styling and exceptional functionality with classical, sophisticated detail. Affordable luxury at its very best.

I am still on my journey, but my most valued life lesson? Make the most of your time.

With love

Ryan Cusack

Founder & Managing Director