The story behind Ryan & Gilbert watches

The story behind Ryan & Gilbert watches

It all began with a dream. A dream to travel the world. Founder of Ryan & Gilbert, Ryan Cusack started his journey in a rather unexpected way. The company perhaps doesn’t share the same beginnings as many generic watch manufacturers, and that can only be a good thing. Ryan Cusack, a fully skilled engineer aspired to travel the world. Immersing himself in the culture, the way of life, the smells and sounds of each country he visited – one thing always remained constant – time. Tracing the passing seconds around the dial of his beloved timepiece was a little like making his journey around the world. His footprints left on the ground were the seconds in life that were already behind him. And that’s where the passion behind Ryan and Gilbert began. The significance of making every second in life count.

Ryan laid his rucksack down in Australia, gaining residency and making a life for himself there with the skills he had been specialising in for over a decade before his move. His engineering skills came like second nature to him, but was it enough? Looking down once again at the timepiece gifted to him by his grandfather, Gilbert, and running over the letters carefully engraved into its caseback “Make the most of your time”, his overriding hunch was “If I don’t do it now, I never will” and thus the story of Ryan & Gilbert was born. Ryan would follow his deep-rooted love for watches – a passion that had always been tucked away inside him but never fully coaxed out… until now.

Returning to British soil never felt so right. His company would celebrate his country of origin and would encompass all the elements he loved about timepieces. A reliable movement that would never waver in accuracy. A robust and sturdy construction – an integral aspect of any quality wristwatch and one that has enabled Ryan to enjoy his inherited grandfather’s heirloom for so long. A legible dial for travelling throughout the night. Indispensable features like an innovative GMT tool for an avid explorer like him perhaps?  Standing in the airport waiting to return home, Ryan realised just how desirable a unique watch really was. The luxury of wearing something on the wrist that the next ten people in the departure lounge weren’t wearing too. Just at that very moment in time, Ryan realised that everything does happen for a reason. This was his opportunity to use watch design as a portal, to express his love for watches creatively and functionally.

Now with various collections behind its name, Ryan & Gilbert draws on the British heritage of its founder, sourcing the industry’s most reliable and durable materials to create affordable wristwatches. Ryan & Gilbert focuses on selecting Japanese movements for uncompromised reliability, combined with the best possible selection of materials for an accessible price tag. The designs are inspired by the history and heritage of some of London’s most prestigious locations – a favour that Ryan can now return to fellow travel enthusiasts and watch collectors alike through his shared passion for both.

Ryan’s beloved wristwatch remains a sentimental and monumental symbol of his success so far. A reminder that there is no time like the present to act on a feeling. To follow a dream… and nurture it.