Ryan & Gilbert watches – stylish, simple and accurate companions

Ryan & Gilbert watches – stylish, simple and accurate companions

The debate between quartz vs automatic watches is one that will always divide opinion. But when it comes to the quality of a luxury quartz watch, there is no denying its many advantages. Ryan & Gilbert has been priding itself on sourcing reliable quartz movements since the company was first established. For many, the value in owning a durable watch that can withstand the rigours of everyday life is the convenience and reliability of a quartz watch. That’s why Ryan & Gilbert remains a dependable watch retailer synonymous with quality.

There are many advantages to owning a quartz watch. For one, they offer a more affordable option compared to a mechanical movement. The first quartz movement for a wristwatch was developed by Seiko back in 1969. Despite the accessibility of a quartz movement today, back then the price of a watch was dependant on its reliability. Since quartz watches were much more accurate than an automatic or manual winding watch, their price tag was much higher. When quartz technology became more available to the wider market place, the cost came down, resulting in a devastating impact on the luxury Swiss watch industry. Many Swiss components and watch parts were sold as mechanical watch companies collapsed. Gradually, however, traditional watch manufacturers resumed play, but the success of the quartz watch prevailed.

Today, quartz watches are still the more affordable option compared to mechanical watches and are much easier to maintain and look after. The upkeep of a quartz watch is virtually non-existent apart from the odd battery change every few years. Aside from this – no servicing is required – no cleaning of the intricate components of a mechanical movement – no manual winding every day. Compared to an automatic watch, you can take a quartz-powered Ryan & Gilbert watch off the wrist and not need to worry about it losing time. The accuracy of an automatic movement, however, relies on the natural movement created by the wrist, hence – if you aren’t wearing it, it will inevitably lose time. Mechanical watch owners often require a watch winder to ensure their timepiece keeps ticking over when they aren’t wearing it. Where quartz watches are concerned, there’s no need to invest in any additional equipment to enjoy its performance and accuracy. If you wear it, it will keep perfect time – if you don’t wear it, it will keep perfect time.

Ryan & Gilbert watches are all powered by quartz movements crafted in Japan – home of the first quartz movement. In addition to the affordability of every Ryan & Gilbert watch, we still put importance on a high-end feel. Robust materials are chosen for each case to protect every quartz movement, promising a shock-resistant, moisture-free and stable environment for it to perform within. Quartz movements are now a dominant form of technology within the watch industry. Up there with some of the world’s most incredible feats of engineering in the entire history of humanity, quartz watches will always remain accessible, reliable and robust forms of timekeeping.

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