A Nato watch strap - retro chic for the discerning watch wearer

Regardless of whether or not you know precisely what a NATO strap is, you will have definitely seen one. It all began back In 1973, when the NATO strap watch made its military debut in the British Ministry of Defence as a standard issue watch for soldiers to get their hands on. It was an instant hit and decades later remains as iconic as any timepiece in history. Ever since generations of watch lovers have adored the simplicity and practicality. The original one colour admiralty grey strap has now morphed into a kaleidoscope of colours. From Ryan & Gilbert’s yellow and navy NATO through to classic red, white and blue and the contemporary whimsical look of pink and navy. Functionality from the Seventies is now matched by design and styling of today. Fundamentally, the NATO strap remains a truly great piece of watch strap design that will always be loved.

Heritage meets style

It looks and sounds familiar, has been around for as long as you can remember and with such a rich heritage the NATO watch strap from Ryan & Gilbert has a time and a place that will never fade. That’s why watch designer Ryan Cusack has taken this time honoured slice of history and turned it into a 21st century modern classic with a twist.

Two pieces, one unique style, clean cut, unpretentious and with great functionality. The NATO watch strap from Ryan & Gilbert, always secure and safe, combining form with fashion linked with a fastening that you can always trust.

Fall in love with our canvas Nato watch strap

Capture the spirit of adventure when you wear your Ryan & Gilbert NATO strap watch. Travel the world, cross continents and differing landscapes, your NATO watch will be with you all the way. It’s the essence of the free spirit and for those with a true zest for life.

This is the watch strap that works for you wherever your travels take you. Waterproof and so comfortable you can easily forget you are wearing it but one look, just that glance at your wrist as you hurl yourself along that ski slope or leap into the unknown for that first sky dive gives you the reassurance to know that the NATO collection is the best watch strap you can find for the action man or woman of today.

Fashionistas love Nato-the wrist watch strap for any occasion

Swap and change your NATO watch strap to suit your style and mood. Fashion followers love its versatility, it’s intriguing ability to flout the rules and its look of the devil-may-care but I don’t.

Interchangeable to give you the flexibility you want in a watch. Design and flair to reflect your personality. Our NATO watch straps mean you can swap your style any time of day.

It doesn’t end there. So today your off to an important rendezvous and only a more classic style will do. Leather straps in colours from dark and brooding to off-the-moment tan means you can choose the look you want when you want it, every single day of the week.

Attitude blended with elegance, go for brash and bold or soft and subtle, the impressive choice of colour ways enable NATO watch strap wearers to achieve that often elusive look of individuality. All from affordable luxury watches by Ryan & Gilbert.

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