Luxury Watches

Cool, classic and contemporary, Ryan & Gilbert the name synonymous with affordable luxury watches. Oozing sophistication and effortless style, our Mayfair & Knightsbridge collections are stunning examples of modern, wristwatch design with patterned dials to bring out the sophisticated you whatever the time of day or night.

Take the time to dress the way you want to be seen, with the just-right timepiece whether it be for your day in the office at work or for that special occasion, socialising with friends, celebrating a birthday or anniversary.

A touch of luxury from a watch collection that suits your budget

Prestigious, powerful and personal your watch says more about you than any other accessory you wear. Ryan & Gilbert luxury watches represent you, your personal style and your signature. So you want to be edgy and trendy then browse through our Belgravia collection or for understated chic with a hint of retro influence opt for our Mayfair collection.

Don’t let time run away with you. Created by international watch designer Ryan Cusack, Ryan & Gilbert  luxury watch collections deserve a closer look as you ponder how best to invest in a new timepiece. Take your time to study the brilliant styling of these affordable luxury watches. They’ve all the hallmarks of crafted perfection blended with modern quality and style.

Stainless steel bracelets, interchangeable straps including our stand-out NATO styles, alligator leather or the pedigree of classic leather straps in the colours that have adorned the wrists of the most influential of style icons over the decades. The Japanese quartz movement, technically brilliant to ensure that your experience of buying a luxury watch is second to none.

We use only the very best in stainless steel and rose gold plating to ensure every time you glance at your Ryan & Gilbert luxury watch you are enchanted by what you see.

Then there is the impressive choice of watch dials from the dark and moody black of our Belgravia collections to the striking brilliance of our chronograph Westminster collection.  Finest mineral glass for our watch faces results in a look of sheer, affordable quality combined with the resilience of a watch that works for all seasons.

Luxury watches to love

Buying luxury watches can be like buying into a lifestyle. You know the brand you want to be seen wearing the type of wrist candy that makes the right kind of statement for you. Yet, it is not all about the stand out logo. Ryan & Gilbert value their brand name and the heritage of their logo and want you to feel the same. Know that when you purchase a luxury watch from Ryan & Gilbert you are buying a timepiece of distinction and enviable style. Cherish your watch, it is a timepiece to covet just as Ryan Cusack, creator of Ryan  & Gilbert watches has done in finding inspiration for his much loved watch brand from his very own family history. You might one day love the look of your Westminster in rose gold, the next you’re in the time and place for the sharp and sensational look of the Belgravia collection with stainless steel strap and a stunning rich navy watch dial.

Your Luxury Watch - Your Signature

We know your watch will say more about you than anything else you wear. It will become your style signature. It is the one accessory you are most likely to take real time over choosing. Are you looking for longevity, a watch that will suit with every outfit or perhaps you want to wear your watch on a whim, whenever that takes you. Ryan & Gilbert affordable luxury watches offer you the chance to own a suite of timepieces that can change to match your mood. The simple style and superb functionality of watches from our Mayfair range may give you the air of suave, well dressed composure you are seeking or the edgier, stainless steel straps from Belgravia or mix the feel of high fashion with the sleek look of the brilliant Knightsbridge with Alligator strap. The choice is yours, the time spent with Ryan & Gilbert selecting your luxury watch is truly precious.

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